Our women’s gowns epitomize the effortlessness and ease of chic and subtle at-home style.



Who says that gowns are only for galas and formal dances? Enjoy top-quality style and eye-catching designs every night by ordering designer women's nightgowns from Natori. Show off your curves and stay cool in hot weather with a spaghetti strap design, or stay warm and covered with short- and long-sleeved nightgowns. Choose gowns made of soft silk so that you can slip between the sheets in style, or choose a simpler T-shirt material for ordinary nights. If you're feeling bold, choose a gown with embroidered flowers or printed animal patterns. For a more reserved style, striped, floral, and solid-color designs let you relax without dressing down. Allow your hemline to sweep the floor like a traditional ballgown, or keep your feet free to move in calf-length gowns with cutouts.


Whether you're entertaining a romantic guest or simply enjoying a quiet evening on your own, having a chic nightgown is essential to giving your body the luxury it deserves. Find the style that fits your aesthetic and makes you feel your best even when you're sleeping. Keep your lifestyle and sleep schedule in mind without compromising on your aesthetic.