Discover our most playfully intimate thongs, including our coveted Bliss collection.

Luxury Lingerie Thongs

Stride confidently into your workday, vacation, or weekend in whichever bottoms you choose with a new set of women's thongs from Natori. Opt between high-rise and low-waisted thongs based on your preferred clothes' design and the style that makes you feel most empowered. These designer thongs come with thin lace thong waistbands that ensure your thong underwear stays in place without adding inches to your waistline, making them ideal for tight-fitting garments. Explore our lingerie thong collection thoughtfully designed by Natori.

How to Find the Best Fitting Thong

Choosing the best fit for thong underwear involves a blend of precision and personal comfort. When trying on thong panties, the waistband should rest comfortably without digging in, and the thong itself should not cause any discomfort or excessive friction. It’s crucial to consider the thong's cut; some prefer a low-rise style, while others favor a high cut. Always prioritize your comfort and remember that the best fitting thong panties feel almost like a second skin, allowing you to move freely without any constraints. Looking for women’s thong underwear with a bit more coverage? Explore our women’s briefs or boy shorts.

Designer Thong Underwear Sets

Our women’s thong underwear collection celebrates the modern woman, embodying both confidence and style. Save with our thong underwear sets like Bliss Perfection or Bliss Flex Thong Set. Each women’s thong underwear set features our most popular cut, style, and fabric. From delicate lace thongs to robust waistbands for tummy control and support, our thong panties will be your go-to style every day. Shop these and other underwear sets.