Pajama Tops

Elevate your lounge apparel with our collection of chic pajama tops, camisoles, tanks, and other essentials. 

Luxury Sleep Tops

Indulge in a lifestyle where luxury meets comfort with our exclusive range of women's sleep tops. Every piece in our collection is a testament to uncompromising quality, seamlessly blending timeless style with true comfort. Imagine slipping into luxury pajamas that not only offer the ease of lounging but do so with a flair of chic sophistication. Our carefully curated styles defy the norm, proving that you don't have to forego fashion in the pursuit of comfort, or vice versa. Embrace a wardrobe where each item is a harmonious marriage of function and style, setting the perfect mood for luxurious relaxation.

Choosing Women’s Loungewear Tops

Experience the joy of lounging in luxury loungewear that tantalizes the senses. Choose from silk pajama tops to soft chemise , made from quality materials that are sure to meet your expectations. Adorn yourself in embellished garments with intricate appliques like a caftan or tunic, that add a touch of elegance to your lounging moments. We believe that life is a blend of significant milestones and precious small moments, and our loungewear is designed to add a touch of luxury to each one, making every moment spent in them genuinely worthwhile. Pair your loungewear top with a luxury wireless bra, comfortable boy shorts, and sleep bottoms.

Styling Women’s Pajama Tops

Whether enjoying a leisurely day at home or settling in for a cozy evening in bed, your fashion statement shouldn't pause. Our collection encourages you to maintain your distinctive style statement, irrespective of the time or place. Take advantage of Natori’s silk tops that are wearable for sleep or daytime casual looks. Our embroidered silk kimono tops are perfect for a laid back brunch, paired with matching silk pants and strappy heels. If you’re looking for something more cozy try our rib-knit or luxury cotton sweater tops with matching women’s joggers