Bridal Chemises

Luxury White Bridal Chemises

As a bride-to-be embarks on the journey to her big day, the luxury bridal chemise collection from Natori offers a touch of elegance and serenity amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations. A bridal slip dress, with its seamless grace, not only complements the wedding gown but also ensures the bride moves with ease and comfort. Envisioned in pristine white, the classic hue for any bride, our wedding collection boasts an array of designs. From the enchantingly long to the playfully short, adorned with delicate lace or simple yet sophisticated silhouettes, there is a piece for every bride's unique taste and style.

The Perfect White Slip for Getting Ready

A bride's morning is filled with anticipation and moments that become memories cherished for a lifetime. The perfect white slip dress not only elevates getting-ready photos with bridesmaids but also introduces an element of timeless elegance to these intimate snapshots. Unlike fleeting fast fashion trends, Natori chemises stand as paragons of quality and craftsmanship. These exquisite pieces ensure the bride feels not just comfortable but luxuriously pampered on her wedding night and beyond into the honeymoon. For those enchanted by the idea of continuity in elegance, our collection extends to honeymoon outfits or bridal showers, inviting every bride to explore.

Bridal Chemises with Romantic Lace Flair

Natori's bridal chemises, fashioned with romantic lace flair, feature an array of necklines from the regal square to the plunging v-neck and the soft, welcoming scoop. Each piece, whether it drapes in white silk or hugs in soft cotton, speaks volumes of love, care, and attention to detail. These materials not only promise beauty but breathe comfort and ease into every wear. As the narrative of love unfolds, we encourage brides to delve deeper into their bridal wear journey. Our collection extends beyond chemises to include a spectrum of bridal lingerie, sleep gowns, and PJs, each designed to complement the bridal experience with a touch of Natori's signature elegance. Explore these curated pieces and let your bridal wear tell your unique love story.