Pajama Sets

Pajama Sets

Explore our collection of classic, elegant sleepwear and pajama sets,
available in a range of seasonal colors and prints. 

Luxury Pajamas

Nothing feels quite as relaxing as lounging around the house in a deliciously soft, luxury pajama set. At Natori, our sleepwear collection boasts tantalizingly stylish women’s designer pajamas made with the highest quality materials, including silk, cotton and modal. These sumptuous fabrics, partnered with innovative designs, provide the ultimate tranquil experience. From individual pieces to matching sets, we have unique styles and cuts to appeal to every taste.

Luxury Silk & Cotton Pajamas

Available in various colors and styles, every designer pajama set in our range is made from breathable materials for comfortable wear, including luxury silk & cotton pajamas Our designs feature a variety of artful prints and eye-catching shades that allow you to express your unique tastes and channel your personality into these high-end sleepwear pieces.

Women’s Designer Pajamas

If you are wondering, ‘how should pajamas fit?’, you aren’t alone. Designer pajama sets with a relaxed fit and expertly calculated cut can be enjoyed when purchased in the same size as your everyday wear.

Luxury pajamas and sleepwear are all about comfort, so ill-fitting sets can impact the opulent experience of wearing women’s designer pajamas.

Our womens’ designer pajamas are designed to create a sleek, flattering trim that is not often achieved with traditional bulky pajama sets. The use of soft and breathable materials helps to compliment any body type, from petite to full figures, making each luxury pajama set the perfect addition to any sleepwear collection.

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