Wireless Bras

Wireless Bras

Luxury Wireless Bras

Experience the freedom and support of a luxury no-wire bra with padding while enjoying our range of flattering, sensual styles. You can choose beautiful colors that complement any ensemble, free of visible wires or uncomfortable marks from unyielding straps. They are so comfortable that you may forget you are wearing a bra at all! Explore our designer wireless bras and other luxury bras by Natori.

No-Wire Bra for Maximum Comfort

Each of our wireless bra designs are made with lightweight yet durable materials that are delicate on the skin. Soft, breathable, and stretchable, our no-wire creations provide an elegant and luxurious bra design that you will love for everyday and high-performance wear.

Each supportive, no-wire bra with padding in our collection boasts the highest quality fabrics, including lace and cotton, to ensure they are comfortable and long-wearing. With eye-catching designs and structures that stretch in all the right places, you can feel confident trusting a wireless bra to provide the support and coverage you need.

Designs like our Bliss Flex and Bliss Perfection bralettes are the perfect example of how our Natori creations combine form and function to create flattering silhouettes and support for any occasion.

How Should Your Wireless Bra Fit?

When choosing a stylish wireless bra to thoroughly support you through the day, it is essential to find the right fit to avoid any discomfort. While wearing your choice of comfortable, no-wire bra, see if you can fit two fingers between the bra’s band and your skin. If the garment is too tight, or you have too much space, then it is unlikely you have the best fit for your shape.

You can enhance the look and feel of our luxury wireless bras when you complement them with any of our best-selling pieces from Natori. Explore our range of caftans, chemises, underwear, silk robes and bridal sleepwear to add a touch of elegance and style to your wardrobe.