Wedding Events

Elegant Wedding-Ready Outfits

For those magical moments that weddings bring, Natori presents an exquisite collection of luxury clothing designed for brides-to-be and esteemed wedding guests. Understanding the importance of dressing appropriately for such significant events, our collection caters to a variety of wedding dress codes, including semi-formal, black tie, and casual, ensuring you find the ideal outfit for every setting. Whether you're attending a beachside ceremony, celebrating in an urban chic venue, stepping back in time at a historic site, toasting at a vineyard, or embracing rustic charm in a barn, our range offers more than the traditional white dresses. Here, modern brides and guests will discover outfits in a spectrum of colors and styles, including resort wear, dresses, tops, and bottoms. Each selection echoes the unmatched quality and craftsmanship that sets Natori apart from fleeting fast-fashion brands.

What to Wear to Rehearsal or Reception Dinners

Rehearsal and reception dinners are your canvas to express personal style while adhering to the celebratory nature of weddings. Natori's collection transforms these occasions into an opportunity to shine, offering a variety of dresses traditionally cherished by brides, such as sun dresses and midi dresses, alongside innovative options. Our two-piece matching sets, dresses, skirts, tops, and pants provide a plethora of choices for the bride seeking something uniquely hers. Furthermore, this collection seamlessly transitions into other celebratory attire needs, from honeymoon adventures to to luxurious lingerie, ensuring every aspect of your wedding journey is covered.

Stay Chic Beyond the Wedding Aisle

Natori invites you to extend your wedding event elegance into summer and spring celebrations, beach getaways, and casual encounters. Our wedding event outfits offer versatility, ensuring you stay chic whether you're walking down the aisle, attending a beach wedding in stylish bikinis, caftans, and cover-ups, or dancing the night away in fit and flare dresses at more laid-back ceremonies. Designed for both the bride and her guests, these pieces promise comfort without sacrificing style, allowing for endless joy on the dance floor. Complement your chosen look with luxury jewelry, handbags, and accessories from Natori, crafting the ultimate chic ensemble that transitions effortlessly from the wedding aisle to every celebratory occasion thereafter.