Robes & Kimonos

Cozy robes and silky kimonos in
one-of-a-kind prints and ultra-soft fabrics.

Luxury Robes & Kimonos

Nothing says luxury and style like a stunning silk robe. With light, flowing materials, entrancing patterns, and lavish textures, Kimono Robes from Natori are the embodiment of the ultimate women’s designer fashion. We have built a diverse collection that spans majestic kimonos to delicate wraps, so you can truly indulge yourself and become lost in the beautifully soft fabrics.Whether you choose to wear them first thing in the morning or last thing at night, any of our stunning women’s luxury robes can transform a regular day at home into a lush, opulent experience.

Womens Luxury Robes:

Each of our designer Kimono Robes boasts luxurious, delicate materials that feel deliciously soft on the skin. These creations look and feel magnificent with fabrics including silk, satin, velvet, velour and cashmere. Every piece combines comfort and beauty, adorned with expert embroidery, contemporary patterns, and functional designs. Both stylish and comfortable, you will love wearing your Kimono Robes every day.

Find The Perfect Silk Robe:

If you have been wondering how to best style silk kimonos and women’s luxury robes, Natori has everything you need with its striking designs and quality materials.

Discover How To Style Kimonos:

Elevate your look and learn how to style kimono robes by introducing some statement jewelry pieces with an eye-catching design, like our Kairaku Garden Sleeve Silk Robe. You can also channel a monochromatic feel with block colors when you select items like our Infinity Jacquard Short Puffer Robe. Whatever your choice, a luxury silk robe makes knowing how to style women’s kimonos more than donning a designer fashion piece, breathing life into a moving piece of artwork with every wear.

Tips For How To Wear & Style Your Kimonos:

Stay true to their Japanese cultural origins and wear your designer kimono robes tied around the waist, with the left side over the right, for the ultimate fashion statement. Thanks to our accessible delivery options, including incentives like free shipping on orders above $250, it has never been easier to add a little luxury to your sleepwear collection with a stunning silk robe or kimono.

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