Couture Tops


Couture empowers you to be the boldest version of yourself. Wear unique patterns. Announce your entrance. Indulge in whimsy. You can do all of these things and enjoy the consistency of coordination, too. Couture tops and couture pants offer the best coordinated selections from designers for a look that’s just as polished as it is exclusive.

Natori offers a unique collection of ready-to-wear selections that includes both top and bottom pieces. Buy these pieces together or separate to achieve a cohesive style or make a look that’s all your own. Shop from designs that feature materials such as silk and linen with embellishments that feature beading and embroidery. Where you wear your couture top or pants is entirely up to you — because couture can transform any setting into a runway. You’re sure to make your arrival an event when you step out wearing one of these luxe selections. Enjoy the convenience of a ready-to-wear design coupled with the exclusivity of couture branding, and don’t forget to match these pieces with the right couture accessories.