Who said sandals can’t be luxurious? We beg to differ. They’re the closest thing to letting your feet run free while maintaining an elegant presence. Our designer heeled sandals will give you the weightless experience your feet dream of. Our women’s designer sandals are light, breathable, and barely make contact with your skin. Where they do make contact, we assure you we’ll make it worth it. We use only the best grains of leather, and the finest fabric, so your stride is supported by structure and durability you can depend on. Our Napa’s supple texture provides a flexible fit and is soft to the touch. Indulgent suedes and gentle satins will embrace your feet with every step.

Natori is a way of life, an evolution in versatility that knows no boundaries. We are pioneers bridging the gap the between comfort and glamour. We believe your journey should be effortless, and your destination should be captivating. Serve yourself an unforgettable experience and join the movement. Love the life you live. Love the skin you’re in. Love your feet that lead the way.