Discover our full range of women’s underwear, from full-coverage briefs,
maternity styles, thongs, tangas, and our Bliss collection. 

Luxury Women’s Underwear

True style begins with the selection of your undergarments. What you slip on underneath your clothing makes all the difference in how fabrics lay and drape on your body. It's true that dressing for the day is an art form, and our luxurious designer womens underwear sets the stage for a masterpiece. Your undergarments are what lay between you and your clothing and with this sort of closeness, you should treat your body to the silky and blissful opulence of Natori women's briefs.

Elegant Women’s Briefs, Thongs, & More

Our classically glamourous underwear line encompasses every type of underwear you need to perfectly pair with any style. From soft, slinky and flirty thongs to briefs with a hint of feminine lace, we offer a range of styles to fit all your wardrobe needs. Whether you're going glam, classic, or casual, or partaking in some luxe lounging, our women’s underwear is there to support, shape, beguile and swathe you in blissful comfort. Whether the occasion is fit for tangs or boy shorts, you'll find just the pair of women's underwear to keep you both feeling and looking your absolutely beautiful best.

Styling Underwear with Luxury Bras & Lingerie

Elevate your intimate style with our exquisite collection of luxury bras and lingerie, perfectly complementing our stylish underwear. From sensuous lace bras to elegant chemises, our selection exudes sophistication and allure. Whether you're opting for a seamless look or embracing intricate detailing, our luxury bras and lingerie beautifully pair with our chic and comfortable underwear, ensuring you feel confident and fabulous from the inside out.