Find feminine lacy tangas and more in our lingerie collection.

Luxury Tangas

Our designer tangas are created with delicate lace and soft cotton fabrics to provide comfort and a seamless fit underneath your beautiful ensembles. Tangas are a staple to any Natori lingerie or everyday underwear collection. At Natori, we pride ourselves in creating timeless, chic, and comfortable designer bras and underwear that provide the utmost flattering fit for women. will help ensure you get all the benefits you are looking for.

What is a Tanga?

Created to combine the best of traditional bikini underwear and a sexy thong, tangas are a style of panty made for modern women. Characterized by its narrow waistband and moderate rear coverage, it offers a chic compromise between full coverage and minimalistic design. Unlike thongs that provide minimal back coverage, tangas cover a bit more. The design of a tanga not only enhances comfort but also ensures a seamless appearance under form-fitting clothes.

Comparing Tangas to Other Women’s Underwear

Dipping into the world of women's underwear, both tangas and bikini styles offer unique benefits and considerations. Luxury bikini underwear , often praised for its wider coverage, delivers comfort while seamlessly fitting under various outfits. On the other hand, women’s tangas provide a sultrier, minimalistic appeal, perfect for those seeking lesser coverage and an almost invisible panty line. Tangas are the perfect choice when wearing form-fitting dresses, pants, or leggings.