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It’s no secret that nothing warms the aesthetic of a room like a well-placed luxury rug. Whether you need an area or accent piece, you’ll be thrilled to explore our collection of designer rugs perfect for any space or season. Every pattern, colour and texture sourced for this coveted collection becomes a work of art in its own right. Artistic expression was never intended to be just for walls.

Experience the unparalleled quality of the Dynasty range, made with 100% hand-spun wool, hand knotted to artisanal perfection. Each piece tells a story of Natori and her travels, allowing you a seat on her journeys through the Far East. Encounter the geometric patterns in our Shangri-La range inspired by Tibetan murals, classic Japanese design and the finest Chinese tapestries. All beautifully woven together in trademarked Lori-Loom or Silkette. Let your eyes be enthralled with the vibrant contrasts of the ethnic patterning inspired by Natori’s native home. Let your soul be swayed by the coils of the iconic dragons, inspired by imagery from ancient eastern mythology.