Plus Sizes

Caftans, pajamas, robes, tops, dresses & more available in sizes up to 18/3X.


We understand that each human is as unique as a grain of sand. Be that as the span of a beach or the constraints of an hourglass, we come in all shapes and sizes. And beyond that, we all enjoy a unique preference in how we fit the clothes we wear. So why should it be so hard to find what we like? Why does our clothing usually only come in a specific size set?

In our quest for inclusivity, we’ve kept this in mind and made sure to cater to as many sizing needs as possible. Luxury and style should know no reservations, and comfort should certainly not suffer to achieve this. Our women’s extended sizing range includes caftans, pajamas, robes & more. All are available in sizes from XS to 3X. We even go the length of having personalized sizing and customization in some of the ranges in our catalog. And as an extra aid to you, we are now offering complimentary virtual styling appointments with a Natori wardrobe specialist. We’ll try our best to ensure the perfect fit, so you’ll never want to take it off.