At Natori, our designer bracelets provide you with luxury finishing touches for your outfit or ensemble. These elegant works of art can function as a statement piece or as a complementary accessory, no matter your style. Precious metals and gemstones form the basis of these extraordinary bracelets, from 14k gold to black, coffee, hexagon and white diamonds.

Each of Natori's designer bracelets allows you to further your style and aesthetic. For example, if you prefer classic pieces, consider our black and white diamond tennis bracelet that's at home on your wrist for casual and formal occasions. When you seek a more delicate bracelet to accompany your fluid caftan or structured cocktail dress, slip on our diamond bar bolo bracelet. Our namesake designer's East/West aesthetic shines through in the bamboo-inspired Indochine collection and the Shangri-La collection that embraces harmony and balance. Incorporate these delicately wrought and highly imaginative bracelets into your daily and special occasion wear and prepare to receive compliments. Furthermore, if you're looking for natural companions to your designer bracelets, browse Natori's diverse collection of designer earrings and necklaces.