Our women’s gowns epitomize the effortlessness and ease of chic and subtle at-home style.

Luxury Women’s Sleep Gowns

Who says gowns are just for galas? Indulge in top-quality style and eye-catching designs every night with our exquisite collection of designer women’s loungewear and nightgowns from Natori. Whether it's a romantic evening or a peaceful solo moment, these nightgowns offer the luxury your body deserves, elevating your sleep experience like never before. For a more cozy look, explore our Natori loungers with a variety of fabrics including sherpa, velvet, and cotton. 

What is a sleep dress or nightgown?

A sleep dress, also known as a nightgown or nightdress, is a quintessential piece of nighttime attire that combines style and comfort. With various styles to choose from, sleep dresses come in different lengths, including short, calf-length, and floor-length options, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your personal preferences. From classic and timeless designs to modern and chic interpretations, sleep dresses cater to diverse tastes, making them a staple in any women’s pajama collection. Whether you prefer delicate lace detailing, flowy silhouettes, or simple and comfortable T-shirt materials, there is a sleep dress to suit your individual style. Treat yourself to the luxury of a nightgown, transforming your nights into an elegant affair while embracing the comfort you need for a peaceful night's rest. 

Elegant Nightgowns for Women

Discover the beauty of luxury sleep gowns and nightgowns from Natori, giving yourself the comfort and sophistication you deserve each night. Elevate your evenings with effortless elegance, making every moment a memorable one in our thoughtfully crafted nightwear. Our nightgowns can be layered with a silk robes, luxury bras, and sexy lingerie. If you’re looking for the perfect bridal gift, look no further than our stunning sleepwear collection.