Experience the captivating allure and romance of our signature tights and stockings. 

Women’s Designer Tights

Experience the harmony of premium design and unparalleled comfort with our women’s legwear collection. Natori offers elevated tights with unique and revolutionary designs that embrace the modern woman. Whether you're dressing for an exquisite evening event or elevating your daily ensemble, our legwear collection ensures you radiate confidence and style. Beyond their aesthetic allure, our luxury tights offer durability without compromising on finesse, making them a wise investment for the fashion-forward individual. Explore these women’s accessories and more by Natori.

Styling Luxury Tights for Every Occasion

Natori is your premium choice for women’s tights and legwear. Find your perfect match of luxury tights from opaque to sheer with a range of denier counts of your choice. With comfortable seamless panties and waistbands, our tights are the perfect addition to your designer collection. Try styling our tights with a luxury bra, under a beautiful skirt or women’s dress.

Choosing Between Opaque or Sheer Tights

When shopping for women’s tights, a common question arises, what is the difference between opaque and sheer tights? Transparency, durability, seasonality, and styling all contribute to key differences between opaque and sheer tights. Sheer tights are lightweight and transparent, making the perfect way to add sophistication to your formal eveningwear. Opaque tights are made with thicker material providing more coverage and less translucency. We especially recommend wearing opaque tights during colder seasons with your favorite designer jacket or outwear.