Bed & Bath

Invite artistry into your life. Our home collections feature an effortless blend
of Eastern and Western design that cultivates your elevated living space.


Luxury and style spans so much further than fashion, and just like our heroine’s mantra, comfort knows no boundaries. Therefore, in her vision, we are not only inspired by fashionable garments and glamorous trinkets. We believe that Natori is an all-encompassing concept. It’s a turnkey experience, boasting the effortless amalgamation of art and lifestyle and the seamless integration of eastern and western style. We are inspired by life itself. And we will go as far as imaginatively possible to make sure YOUR life receives our brand of excellence.

In embracing our mantra of pushing the boundaries, we’ve expanded our home collection with designer bedding and designer bathroom accessories. As a result, you can now drape yourself in pure artistic expression by extending your Natori style on to every part of your beauty routine. You’ll find comforters and duvet sets decorated with themes from classic eastern artistry. Layers on layers of decadent cottons with sateen prints, quilted and woven into plush styling. Ultra-soft and absorbent towels featuring signature embroidered ends, jacquard weaves and 100% ringspun cotton. Indulging is highly recommended.