Pants, Leggings & Shorts

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Flexibility is one of the most important qualities you can possess. The tides of life ebb and flow, with changes arriving unexpectedly. You need to move with grace and respond to these changes in kind — and shouldn’t your athleisure wear do the same? You need athleisure pants that are just as luxe as they are comfortable, offering a balance between flexibility and design.

The Natori collection of athleisure leggings and pants offers selections that are versatile and unique. You might be seen at the gym, or you may enjoy a solitary workout at home. You might go for an after-exercise brunch, or you might run a few errands. No matter where your day takes you, luxury athleisure is the perfect fit for your itinerary. Athleisure shorts can offer a comfortable selection, too, for outdoor activities and summertime sessions. If you’re running, jogging, or biking, a designer pair of shorts offers the flexibility you need — and perhaps these selections prove that comfort and couture can coexist. Enjoy the best of both when you find the perfect piece of athleisure wear.