Jackets & Hoodies


Cold weather has never stopped you. In fact, it might even motivate you — urging you to press harder, go further, and get stronger. If your commitment to fitness transcends the temperature, you know the importance of great athleisure wear. No matter how invested you may be, it’s hard to enjoy a jog without a coat to keep you warm. Athleisure hoodies offer warmth in the form of designer style.

Athleisure jackets and hoodies provide year-round protection against the threat of cold weather. These selections are far more than a practical investment, though; the selections in the Natori collection represent the best of luxury athleisure. Browse an array of posh pieces that combine couture and comfort for incredible versatility. These selections aren’t just for fitness. They’re designed to be suited to your everyday life, whether you skip spin class or decide to go. Add an athleisure hoodie to your ensemble for a casual detail or tie it around your waist for an air of unaffected cool. Style it however you see fit. These pieces are made for you and your busy life.