Of course, we could not forget the most essential parts of the body. How would you tour the worlds red carpets, without a pair of Natori Footwear originals on your feet? Complete your look with the treasures from our women’s designer footwear collection. We have everything from leopard print slides and textured slippers, to designer espadrilles, designer sandals and boots. You’ll find vibrant colors, intricate pattern work and decadent textures carried through into every piece. You’re guaranteed the stamp of

Natori excellence with every pair. Pamper your feet every day without needing to live in a spa. Delight your skin in the comfort of your home all day. Don’t stop there, pick a pair that grants you more versatility and you might just never take them off. Who needs air bubbles when you have double comfort cushioning from latex foam and sultry satins supporting your feet with every step? If innovation is our métier, luxury is surely our forté. Trust in the expertise of Josie Natori and one our signatures may be the last pièce de résistance you need.