Josie Athleisure

The Josie athleisure collection will keep you on your toes.
Designed with all-day comfort in mind, combining high moisture wicking properties
and super soft materials to feel your best you.
4-way stretch, durable fabric construction will move with you through any activity.


The Josie Athleisure collection by Natori consists of designer athleisure wear pieces one can move in throughout the day. A collection that will elevate any activity with an edgy take on Natori's east-meets-west aesthetic, merging activewear and loungewear harmoniously. Wear these pieces while engaging in high-intensity physical activities,  while running errands, or hanging around the house. Within this collection are comfortable leggings, stretchable pants, functional shorts, breathable jackets, moisture-absorbent hoodies, and a wide range of ultramodern tops. Some garments feature animal print while others have a blend of bold, solid colors. Relish the moisture-wicking properties of the fabrics used in this collection. The wearer is able to work out for hours on end without worrying about sweat seeping through her designer activewear. The various types of clothing in this collection were constructed with sturdiness in mind. They have four-way stretch capabilities and are incredibly durable. They will not rip apart if you contort your body into a variety of yoga poses or jog for several miles.

The Josie Athleisure collection is truly a revolutionary launch in the world of athletic and lounge fashion. It serves as a representation of the harmony between fabric construction and design.