Robes & Kimonos

Robes & Kimonos

Cozy robes and silky kimonos in
one-of-a-kind prints and ultra-soft fabrics.


Dive into a dazzling array of colors, prints, patterns, and textures by indulging in Natori's collection of women's silk robes and designer kimonos. This collection consists of fanciful robes, delicate wraps, and majestic kimonos. Indulge in these pieces by donning them before bedtime or as soon as the sun rises. Any woman will feel decadent as she runs her hands over the wide variety of magnificent fabrics and fabric combinations these pieces are comprised of. Such fabrics include silk, satin, velvet, velour, and cashmere. There are garments in this wondrous collection that have embroidered elements. These elements are intricate, radiant, and very well executed. The clothing here is stylish and modern and comfortable enough to wear around the house.

This collection represents an outstanding work of art. When a woman puts on attire from Natori's collection, she will transform into a moving piece of artwork. She will attract all kinds of attention with the rich hues and intriguing designs featured in each piece. The collection is truly one of a kind. It surpasses all expectations one might have of sleepwear, allowing its wearers to present awe-inspiring looks.