Experience the comfort, elegance, and craftsmanship of our signature women’s caftans,
perfect for chic everyday looks and relaxing in style.
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A designer caftan robe is a perfect piece to help you dress up while still dressing down. The fabric offers a luxe twist on the average tunic or robe, making it a unique item in any personal collection. Steeped in ancient origins, elegant women’s caftans are becoming prominent features in mainstream fashion once more – embrace the silk and cotton's lightweight, delicate feel for unparalleled sophistication and grace.


Silk & Cotton Caftans:

Perfect for a day at the beach or relaxing on the sofa, our designer women’s caftans have been crafted using the finest materials to deliver an impeccable fit and sumptuous feel. These designs boast quality textiles, including 100% silk, cotton, and polyester. Each of our luxury caftans is high-end and offers a relaxed fit, embodying beauty and elegance with every wear. Women’s caftans are not only a fashion choice but a vibrant statement piece capable of turning heads wherever you go. 


Wear Your Luxury Caftan Robe With Confidence:

The free-flowing design of caftans provides a flattering option for lounging at home, but the designer style opportunities do not end here. Enjoy learning how to wear a designer women’s caftan and work with your favorite colors and patterns to introduce luxury and style to your everyday lounge look. 


How To Style A Caftan To Wear At Home Or On The Go:

Have you ever wondered how to style a caftan robe? Well, you can pair one with anything in your summer wardrobe, from luxury shorts to skirts, as they are perfect for keeping cool on warm days. Add a stylish belt to emphasize your waist and adorn your look with some statement jewelry to unleash your inner fashion icon. 

You can create unique looks depending on the length of your cotton caftan robe. Transform your full-length designer creations, like our Kairaku Garden Charmeuse Beaded Silk Caftan, with a stylish pair of heels and clutch for a more formal appearance, or match your short to mid-length designs, like our Yoriko Silk Short Caftan, with some slim-fit jeans for a casual, everyday outfit.


You can enhance your silk or cotton caftan robe further with any of the best-sellers in our collections, including chemises, underwear, women’s kimonos, unlined bras and more.