Natori Harmony Towel at The Natori Company

Natori Harmony Towel

Style 9721
$8.99 - $24.99
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A modern adaptation of sensuality and luxury
Beautifully crafted towel is ultra-soft and absorbent
Engineered for utility and comfort using advanced dual yarn construction
Artfully designed rattan woven border
Lighter and softer construction than the original Natori Solid Towel
Colors based on nature's elements: (clockwise, starting with draped towel) Porcelain, Fig, Chalk, Geranium, Cloud, Copper, Frost, Wheat (top left)

Bath Towel- $19.99 / Hand Towel- $15.99 / Wash Cloth- $8.99 / Tub Mat- $24.99 / Bath Sheet- $39.99