Couture Robes


No matter where you may be, the world is your stage. Your life is the picture, your surroundings are the set, your clothes are the costume — and you’re your own costume designer. You get to decide who you want to be every time you get dressed. When you’re wearing couture robes, your character is just as enigmatic as she is elegant.

Couture is much more than just fashion. Couture is the marriage of design and luxury. Natori robes are the pinnacle of both, featuring vibrant colors and patterns in combination with exquisite details and finishes. Enjoy the comfort of 100% silk fabric embellished with our exclusive designs. The only question that remains is the plot — where will you go? What will you do? You write the script, and with a gorgeous couture robe on your arms, you can do whatever you want. Lounge by the pool, stay at home, or invite a visitor to witness the beauty of your robe. The possibilities of your outfit are limitless, and you choose what happens next.