Couture Caftans

Couture Caftans

Inspired by my passion for uniqueness, each piece in our Josie Natori
Couture collection is handcrafted to be a personal treasure. - Josie Natori



Host dinner parties in your home and depart for your next gala or benefit dinner without breaking a sweat by ordering designer couture caftans from Natori. Each of Natori's couture caftans is made by hand, resulting in long, flowing garments that are tailor-made for your purchase. Choose caftans made of stunning colors such as blue velvet, black, medallion red, ruby, and turquoise, and decide whether you prefer solid colors or patterns such as lotuses, coral, abstract squares, and basketweaves. Look for creations that pair these sophisticated colors and patterns with detailed embroidery and beading. All of the detailed decorations are completed by hand by artisans for long-lasting and one-of-a-kind designs.


Clothes that make you look your best should also make you feel your best. Besides the stunning appearance of these V-necked caftans, enjoy the feeling of silk charmeuse or pure silk against your skin. Luxuriate in your long, flowing skirts and loose sleeves without constricting ties, buttons, or snaps. For garments with appearances and elegance like no other, choose couture caftans. These couture caftans are perfectly versatile for elevating your at-home look or attending a formal, black tie event.