The most lightweight, yet structured underwire bras.
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At Natori, our designer underwire bras are crafted to give unparalleled support and comfort. By using thick underwires and soft yet powerful straps, our bras provide the necessary support needed to magnify your figure while remaining flattering and elegant. The wide range of bras in our collection gives you a diverse selection of styles that are practical yet still fashionable, with fabrics that support you while pleasing the eye with crafted feminine contours.


A woman's choice in bra can say a lot about her, and Natori bras are designed for women with a fashionable outlook on life who can see the beauty in anything from a smooth, sleek style to a lacey, dainty, maximalist piece. Feel beautiful and confident in a wide range of choices that all offer classic silhouettes to flatter every figure from the petite to the well-endowed and provide the greatest support and comfort to all. Make sure to shop our premium collection of underwire bras today to find the perfect new addition to your everyday wardrobe, an addition that's sure to bring a dash of luxury and comfort to any woman's day-to-day life.