Designed with high-quality yarns, our socks & tights offer a variety of
year-round options, featuring iconic Natori prints and laces.

Premium Women’s Legwear

Dive deep into the world of our designer tights and legwear, where meticulous design meets outstanding quality. Every pair showcases a tale of creativity, from the mystic allure of dragons to the delicate charm of floral patterns. Crafted with precision, our tights not only offer a snug fit but also serve as an emblem of artistic expression. Experience Natori’s signature fit and feel that transcends all of their accessories collections from the inside-out.

Exquisite Animal Print-Inspired Legwear

Our collection isn’t confined to just standard designs; it transcends into the wild with exquisite animal prints, including the fierce leopard and majestic peacock feathers. But if subtlety with a dash of boldness is more your style, our netted tights will captivate you. They add a contemporary edge to the traditional black pattern tights, allowing you to make a statement without uttering a word. Walk with panache, letting the world know you're both fierce and graceful.

How To Wear Versatile and Sexy Thigh Highs

No collection is complete without the allure of women’s thigh-high socks. Perfect for those days when you want a blend of comfort and style, these socks offer the versatility to either complement a formal look or add charm to a casual outing. With our thigh highs, every day is an opportunity to celebrate fashion and individuality. Let your choices reflect your persona, bold, vibrant, and unapologetically stylish. Wear your thigh highs toto work or for a night out. Pairing them with a women’s dress and a pair of boots or heels.